Welcome to the Research Chair in the Reduction of Social Inequalities in Health.

The RSIH Chair is housed at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Its main objective is to foster the development and outreach of population health intervention research conducted WITH people experiencing socio-economic disadvantage. Indeed, their active participation is a key element in reducing social inequalities in health.

Decades of research have identified two factors that can reduce the negative impact of a weak social position on health: control over one’s life (power to act) and social capital. By entering the emerging field of population health intervention research, the Chair intends to contribute to the modification of these two factors at the population level through the development and evaluation of interventions specifically targeting residential environments and front-line services.

The RISS Chair is rooted in a position of co-producing knowledge by crossing knowledge between its intersectoral partners, its interdisciplinary researchers and people directly affected by inequalities.